Information Technology

IT is an expression that is the wide subject concerned with all aspects of managing with processing information, especially within a big organization or company. This includes all forms of technology used to create, store, utilize and exchange information in its different forms including business data, discussions, motion pictures, still images, and multimedia presentations. IT is not used about personal or house computing and networking.

Inside the Information Technology

The ground of information technology (IT) covers the plan, administration, and hold of computer and telecommunications organizations. Some of the positions in this field contain database and network administrators, computer scientists, computer hold specialists, software programmers and system analysts. The best part of career tracks in IT involves design and operational tasks associated with computer hardware components, networks and software applications.

Skilled in the IT field work with businesses & organizations to set up and support possible computer networks that will keep systems resourceful and reliable. IT encompasses all software and hardware used in the storing, accessing and creation of information. Examples of technologies that professionals work with are databases, firewalls, media storage devices, The Internet, and networks.

The value of IT in Security

With lots of transactions are done online & so much information existing online, it’s important to keep that entire safe. Information technology makes it achievable for your online data to stay protected until accessed by the appropriate channels. Using the encryptions and passwords, information technology hides your personal digital information away, and the only way it can be right to use is by companies who have permitted from you.

Importance and Need of Information Technology


1. Joint learning.

2. Genuine and up to date information.

3. Distance education.

4. Contact to a variety of learning resources.

5. Nearness to information.

6. Anytime learning.

7. Educational information storage.

8. Everywhere easy learning.

9. The Multimedia advance to education.

10. Reduces time on lots of routine tasks.

11. Multiple communication chats, channels-e-mail, blogs, forum, etc.

12. Access to online book banks.

13. Access to open courseware.

14. Access to the basis of information.

15. The teaching of special subjects made interesting.

16. Better accesses to kids with disabilities.


1. We need to boost access and bring down the fee of education to meet the challenges of illiteracy and lack of education, IT is the answer.

2. Information explosion is an ever growing phenomena thus there is the need to get access to this information.

3. It is a need of the society that the persons must have technological literacy.

4. Learning of education should meet the requirements of a variety of learners and so IT is important in meeting this want.

5. The education of information is lifelong procedure therefore anytime anyplace access to it is the need.