Encrypted Mail

Communication is a vital aspect of businesses everywhere.  Technological evolution, such as the widespread use of the internet to conduct a vast array of business affairs, inherently brings security and confidentiality issues to the attention of businesses in all industries.  Without regard to client, customer, employee, and other affiliates’ confidentiality, e-mail is the most practical, efficient and readily available method of both inter-office and intra-office communications.  However, both ethical and legal guidelines impose the necessity of security for electronic transactions and communications.  It is well known that e-mail and other forms of online communication are commonly subject to interception, costing businesses’ hard-earned reputations in addition to financial damages.  The business world is offered two options: to assume the risk of electronic communications, or to avoid use of online technologies.

For these reasons, Data Fortress, Inc., developer of business encryption solutions, has produced Encrypted::Mail.  Encrypted::Mail is a software tool that enables users to encrypt and decrypt e-mail messages with password protection, thereby allowing confidential or otherwise private messages to be delivered inside or outside of the office or home without risk of interception by accidental or thieving recipients.

Encrypted::Mail is free and available for download.  The information collected during setup will only be used for the creation of your public key.  To learn more about how Encrypted::Mail secures your confidential data, click here.

We strongly recommend that you view the Getting Started Page while you wait for installation to complete.


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