If you have recently passed from the traditional job (9-5 ) and left your office where you have been working for long time,and decided to start working from home, to make jump from this type of model of job in one a domicile can be liberating, scaring, and frankly, crushing.

Every person with the capacity to work of the home knows that, the whole privilege and a blessing, to get (and to remain) organised can often seem to be a job in itself! As somebody who is organised enough by nature, I was surprised at seeing how different “job ” feels when it is made from your home – of the best way, of course. Even if I linking you less than hours, I feel almost more occupied because I am the only one responsible for the creation of structure around my working day.

When you go to a job is all that you know, what is the way I passed more than fifteen last years of my life, than you take for granted all things which the employer or the place of business has already in place. Physically, facilities are for you there to do your job. Pieces of furniture, apparatus, equipment and supplies are given, politics are delayed to you, you are given specific group of parametres within whom you are called to fulfil your tasks, and you adhere to an allocated calendar.

If you are a waitress, you could be given with an uniform and an apron, tablets to write, fountain pens, an opener of wine or a bottle, and of other articles to help you to give an efficient service. Your restaurant has a system in place for the treatment of orders and of payments – if you use computers and machines of credit card or you write your cheques manually and add the bills of your tables on an adding machine. You know how you are supposed to act and to treat the clients, you know which elements of menu are available (or not available), and you know how to organise place settings on tables.

If you are an employee of the firm, you have probably an office or a cabin inside a building where all apparatus multifunctions and the office equipment which you need are within reach hand. It is likely to be a computer (unless you work for EMPLOYER BYOD), a printer, a fax machine, a photocopier, a scanner and a cupboard full of fountain pens, legal blocks, hooks, ribbon and envelopes. You perhaps received a textbook of the employee during its appointment, at the time when you admitted a heap of protocols and of guidelines in working middle.